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Al Haig was one of the most brilliant pianists in jazz history. His mastery of the instrument, coming from extensive classical music studies.


He was the favorite pianist of both Charlie Parker and Bud Powell.



with Charlie Parker


1)Shaw Nuff.

2)Salt Peanuts


with Stan Getz

4)Indian Summer

5)Crazy Chords

6)Too Marvelous

7)Sweetie Pie (Avalon)

8)On The Alamo

with Wardell Gray

9)Light Grey (Fine And Dandy)

10)Matter And Mind(Idaho)

11)Five Star (I Got Rhythm)

12)Sugar Hill Bop (Blues in Eb)

13)Stoned (Blues In Bb)

14)In A Pinch (All Gods Chillen)

15)Twisted (Blues In Bb)


with Phil Woods

17)Alone Together

18)Dewey Square

19)Once More (Blues In G

with Fats Navarro

20)Go (The Way You Look Tonight)

As A Leader

21)Taking A Chance On Love

22)Yardbird Suite

23)Spotlite (Just You, Just me)

Al Haig

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