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Jazz Concert Series |
The Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens

About the Series

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The jazz concerts began at the Hamlet in November of 1991. They were originally conceived to be a once in awhile event, expanded to once a Month, expanded to once every three weeks, and are now being presented around 30 times a year. They are always on Sundays and there are now two separate performances. The first begins at 4:00 pm and consists of two sets of music with an intermission in between and ends around 6:30 or so. This costs $15 per person. The Second show begins around 7:15 (usually a little after because the first show might run long) and consists of one long uninterrupted set that ends at around 8:30 or so. This costs $12. The cost to combine both Performances is $20. (There is a half price discount for high school and College students for the second show. This discount is in effect for all musicians as well.) Charlie and Sandi Shoemake normally make appearances during a portion of each set with all the visiting artists.


About The Hamlet

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The Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens

The Hamlet is an excellent restaurant with a full bar that is located on Highway 1 on the northern end of Cambria, California. Food and drink are both served during the concerts. There is a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean in the room where the concerts are held. In order to make the bookkeeping a bit simpler cash or check is requested for the concert tickets, but credit cards are honored (if desired) for all food and drink.

Need directions to The Hamlet?

Hamlet Schedule

Please look at the schedule page which includes the current calendar with Jazz Artist and contact information.

Artists who have appeared at the Famous Jazz Artist Series at The Hamlet…

  • Greg Abate
  • Gary Foster
  • Herb Geller
  • Charles McPherson
  • Lanny Morgan
  • Bud Shank
  • Jim Snidero

  • Fred Atwood
  • Chuck Berghofer
  • Dave Carpenter
  • John Clayton
  • Isla Ekkinger
  • Dave Friesen
  • Jim Hughart
  • Luther Hughes
  • Ken Hustad
  • Jeff Littleton
  • Bob Maize
  • Darek Oles
  • Richard Reid
  • Lynn Seaton
  • Andy Simpkins
  • Putter Smith
  • Tom Warrington
  • John Witalla

  • Abe Most

  • Colin Bailey
  • Donald Bailey
  • Frankie Capp
  • Sherman Ferguson
  • John Guerin
  • Jeff Hamilton
  • Jake Hanna
  • "Tootie" Heath
  • Billy Higgins
  • Paul Humphrey
  • Kendall Kay
  • Paul Kreibich
  • Joe La Barbara
  • Vince Lateano
  • Larance Marable
  • Ron Marabuto
  • Eddie Marshall
  • Harvey Mason
  • Claudio Sion
  • Darrell Voss

  • Buddy Collette
  • Holly Hofmann
  • Sam Most
  • Ali Ryerson
  • Ron Anthony
  • Ron Eshete
  • Mark Elf
  • Bruce Forman
  • Dave Koonse
  • Larry Koonse
  • Mundell Lowe
  • Doug Macdonald
  • Joe Pass
  • John Pisano
  • Frank Potenza
  • George Van Epps
  • Al Viola
  • Alan Broadbent
  • John Campbell
  • Cecilia Coleman
  • Bill Cunliffe
  • Smith Dobson
  • Don Friedman
  • Larry Fuller
  • Hal Galper
  • Dick Hindman
  • Pete Jolly
  • Roger Kellaway
  • Mike Lang
  • Mark Levine
  • Lou Levy
  • Pete Malinverni
  • Jon Mayer
  • Bill Mays
  • Mike Melvoin
  • Bill Miller
  • Walter Norris
  • Hod O' Brien
  • Tom Ranier
  • Keith Saunders
  • Rob Schneiderman
  • Frank Strazerri
  • Ross Tompkins
  • Terry Trotter
  • Cedar Walton
  • Michael Weiss
  • Jessica Williams
  • Mike Wofford
  • Denny Zeitlin

  • Tim Armacost
  • Bob Cooper
  • Pete Christlieb
  • Teddy Edwards
  • Bruce Eskovitz
  • Red Holloway
  • Harold Land
  • Mel Martin
  • Ted Nash
  • Bill Perkins
  • Herman Riley
  • Harvey Wainaple
  • Ernie Watts
  • Walt Weiskopf

  • Andy Martin
  • Bob McChesny
  • Phil Rannelin
  • Bill Watrous

  • Conte Candoli
  • Steve Hufstetter
  • Clay Jenkins
  • Joe Magnerelli
  • Don Rader
  • Carl Sanders
  • Bobby Shew
  • Marvin Stamm
  • Ron Stout
  • Bob Summers
  • Richie Vitale

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